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 Random Wars

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PostSubject: Random Wars   Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:18 pm

it was a sunny day in the castle, everybody was laughing, eating and doing random things like always. but then chaos came when Kirby invited his cousin, Poofle.

Kirby: pyo!

Poofle: nice to meet you all!

Everybody: hi.-nervous laughs-

Luigi: it talks? oh lordy!-he punches himself in the stomach-

Mario: you-a both look the same to me.

Poofle: urm...

Roy: I wouldn’t mind if you died right now you useless rabbit thing!-hisses like a snake-

Marth: calm down Roy.

Roy: FINE HUMAN!-roars-

Peach: my, my, aren’t you the cutest thing I’ve ever saw!

Poofle: um, thanks...

Zelda: your ears, they are so beautiful.-touches Poofle’s long, droopy ears-

Pichu: pichu, pichu, pichu!(translation: am I cute too?)

Peach: yeah yeah, whatever.-ignores Pichu-

Jigglypuff: Jiggly...Puff!-is very mad-(translation: damn you, newcomer!)

Pikachu: Pika!-is very mad also-(translation: what a jerk!)

Mewtwo: ...hmmm...-is praying-

Captain Falcon: -smokes- who the hell ui yuh? Ui suih woha tuh hella ui yuh?

Roy : -hisses like a snake again- shut up evil hippie, no cares about you!-turns into a girl-

Captain Falcon: wuta tulking yuh abnout snuke wumun with thut buear?

Snake: Roy’s right, no gives a bleeep! About you! -glares with his cute bear eyes-

Captain Falcon: whut ui yuh? Uh yuh…thunk buear!

Mario: no one gives a f-bleeep! about you and you really need to stop smoking jackass!

Mr. G&W: beep! beep!-gets eaten by Peach-

Popo: are you really Kirby’s cousin?-hyper-

Nana: yeah are you?-hyper also-

Poofle: yes I am!-screams at poor Popo and Nana-

Both: ok...O.o...Jesus...what a creep.-they both leave the room to go play outside-

Falco: ...huh?

Captain Falcon: omg lolz!-gets dragged to a mental hospital-

Falco: ...what was that again! Oh nothing...

the chaos starts in Bowser’s ‘magic’ show.

Bowser: my assistant Peach will be in this box!

-crowd claps loudly-

Bowser: thanks! -bows-

Peach: hello everyone!-waves to the really huge crowd and locks herself in the box-

Somewhere...Wario and Mario turn into giant sumo pandas!

Wario: hyuh!-stomps the ground-

Mario: byuh!-stomps some building-

Wario: -farts really loud- boooooooooo!

Mario: -farts extremely loud- duuuuuh!

The 2 farts were so loud, the sound barrier broke and random people in the other universes transformed into random things and people in the Nintendo universe were also affected.

some random person: oh my god! It smells like S! -turns into a pencil-

Soren: aaahhhhhh...! -turns into a moose holding a puppet-

Patrick: bluh! -turns into a monster blob thingy-

Everybody was screaming, running around yelling “it’s the end of the world as we know it!”

Peach: -turns into a pink giant frog blob-

Bowser: -turns into a old man- get him...

Poofle: -looks around- wuhiya?

audience was really mad at Poofle.

Person: you monster! -grabs chainsaw-

Everyone in the audience, Bowser and Peach ran after him.

(some other place)

boy: soooo...what do ya wanna do?

man: I

-they both see the crowd chasing Poofle-

boy: didn't see that coming!
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Random Wars
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